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Getting on the internet while flying high in the sky is now easier with Virgin wifi. We all know how annoying it is to sit for a long time on a plane without internet. But, with Virgin Australia Airlines, you won’t get bored while flying. Passengers can use wifi on Virgin planes to scroll through social media, check emails, use payment apps, and more. Apart from this, Virgin Entertainment App offers incredible options when it comes to movies, shows, songs, etc. Virgin WiFi with Virgin App access – a perfect combination to make your flight super fun.

Here. we’ll learn –  what are the Virgin wifi charges? Is it free or not? How to connect to the Virgin Australia entertainment app? Skim through the piece now!

Virgin Australia WiFi History 

Virgin Australia is the first European airline to offer wifi on planes, making it easy for people to get online without worries.

The airline uses a mix of advanced Gogo and Panasonic technology to keep you connected even when you’re over 20,000 feet above the ground. Passengers on 787 planes use Panasonic wifi Virgin Australia, while those on A340-600s, 747s, and A330s use Gogo technology. According to reports from Virgin Australia, thousands of customers choose a wifi package that lasts for the whole flight from Australia to India or vice versa (such as Melbourne to India flights and back).

Which Virgin Planes Have Wifi? 

Most flights with Virgin Australia, whether they’re within the country or overseas, offer WiFi. You’ll know if your plane has it because there will be a card about it in your seat pocket. Most of Virgin Australia’s planes have WiFi and they are almost finished adding WiFi to Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 planes. But, smaller planes like regional turboprops and jets won’t have WiFi. Most of the below-mentioned Virgin planes have wifi – 

  • Boeing 737
  • Airbus A330
  • Boeing 777

Virgin Australia WiFi Supported Devices & Browsers 

DeviceOperating SystemBrowsers
iPhone/iPadiOS 15, iPadOS15Safari
AndroidAndroid 11.0 and 12.0Google Chrome
MacMacOS 12+Safari, Chrome, Firefox
WindowsWindows 10+Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

Suggestion: Check in for your Virgin flight smoothly with the help of the best options provided by Virgin Australia check-in policy. Travel hassle-free!

How To Connect To Virgin Australia WiFi?

Connect with Virgin inflight entertainment wifi and enjoy watching movies, podcasts, and more. Here’s the step-by-step guide.

Step One

Switch your device to flight or airplane mode. 

Step Two

Turn the WiFi on and select the VirginAustralia in-cabin network. 

Step Three

You’ll be directed to the entertainment portal. If the page doesn’t load, type into your browser.

Step Four

Choose from free entertainment or purchase an Internet pass.

Step Five

Enter your email and payment details or your seat number and surname. 

Having Trouble Connecting With Virgin WiFi?

  • Make sure you’ve turned on airplane mode before trying to use WiFi.
  • Double-check that you’ve typed correctly into your browser.
  • Use “http://” instead of “https://” in the address.
  • Use a supported internet browser and turn off any VPN services.
  • If you can access the entertainment portal, click “Help” at the top right to talk to a WiFi Onboard helper.
  • If nothing else works, turn your device off and then back on.

Tip for travellers – You can also enjoy United inflight wifi, while travelling domestically or internationally with United Airlines. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Virgin Australia gives free WiFi on flights within Australia and to New Zealand. For domestic trips, you get unlimited free WiFi, good for browsing the web and social media. If you’re flying to or from New Zealand, you get 15 minutes of free WiFi.

Virgin Inflight Internet Packages

High SpeedA$11.99
Trans-Tasman and short-haul internationalA$6.99 per hour and A$12.99 for the flight
Long-haul internationalA$8.99 per hour and A$19.99 for the flight

Note – Accessing Virgin Australia’s website is always free on planes with WiFi.

Tip – If you’re planning to fly with Delta Airlines, know about the Delta Airlines Wifi services and fly smartly. 

How To Access Virgin Australia Entertainment App?

  • Own Devices: You can access the Virgin inflight entertainment app through your own devices like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Just connect to Virgin wifi and stream content directly to your device.
  • In-seat Entertainment: On select aircraft, Virgin Australia provides an in-seat entertainment system. This system offers a variety of content without requiring you to bring your device.

Virgin Entertainment App Offerings

In the Virgin Entertainment App, you get lots of amazing options to make your flight better. You can pick from movies, TV shows, music, and games, all on your own device. The app also tells you about the latest news and events with the airline, so you know what’s happening.

Before packing your bags for your next Virgin Australia flight, know about the Virgin Australia baggage allowance policy and pack your bags responsibly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Virgin have wifi?

A: Yes, Virgin Australia offers inflight wifi in almost all of its flights. 

Q: Is Virgin Wifi free?

A: Virgin’s inflight internet is free only to business class passengers, Velocity Platinum frequent flyers, and members of the invitation-only Virgin Australia Beyond VIP program. Rest can buy paid plans for inflight wifi connectivity.

Q: How do I access the internet on  Virgin Australia flights? 

A: You can buy a 30-minute or full-flight pass using your credit card through Virgin’s partner, Wifi Onboard, on the plane’s entertainment system. Guests flying with Virgin Australia, Velocity Platinum, and Business Class get free access.

Q: Which credit cards are accepted by Virgin Australia WiFi Onboard?

A: Virgin wifi on plane accepts MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover cards. They don’t take cash payments on the plane.

Q: Is there a Virgin entertainment app for Android?

A: Yes, indeed. There exists a Virgin Australia app specifically designed for Android users. This app enables you to book flights, perform check-ins, and access additional features.

Q: What can I expect from Virgin Australia inflight entertainment?

A: As a passenger with Virgin Australia, expect a diverse array of Virgin Australia in flight entertainment choices customized to enhance your flight experience. Whether you wish to watch the newest Virgin Australia inflight movies, TV series, music, or games, the airline offers a comprehensive selection to cater to your preferences.

Q: Does Virgin 737-800 have flight entertainment?

A: Virgin Australia gives you Wireless In-flight Entertainment on certain Boeing 737 planes. It lets you watch lots of movies, TV shows, music, and more, all on your own device.

That’s almost everything about Virgin wifi! It’s an excellent way to stay connected while you’re flying high above the ground. It’s especially handy for long flights from Australia to India to keep yourself entertained.


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