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Do you like traveling overnight? If you’re a busy traveler who doesn’t want to miss any work, flying overnight with red-eye airline tickets could be perfect for you. Even people who are okay with late-night flights often choose these. Red-eye flights usually leave after 9 pm and arrive before 5 am the next day. They’re usually on time too.

So, get those cheap red eye flights booked for your next trip. To know more about red eye flight meaning, its pros & cons, how to find red eye flights, and more, skim through the piece now! 

What Does Red Eye Flight Mean? | Red Eye Flight Meaning

Red Eye Flight Definition – A red-eye flight is when a plane takes off at night and lands the next morning. People usually don’t get enough sleep on these flights because they’re too short for a full night’s rest. It’s called “red-eye” because tiredness often makes people’s eyes look red.

How to Book A Red Eye Flight?

To book a red-eye flight, look for flights that leave in the evening and arrive the next day. You can quickly do this by using a filter to show only the nonstop flights that depart in the evening. For example, if you’re searching for redeye flights from Newark to Delhi (EWR to DEL) using Google Flights:

  • Choose ‘Nonstop’ from the Stops dropdown menu on Google Flights.
  • After that, move the slider under ‘Times’ to pick flights that depart at 9:00 PM or later.
  • You might see the arrival time marked with a ‘+1’, meaning the flight lands the next day. 
  • Once you’ve picked your flight, grab your travel pillow, and you’re ready to go!

Pros Of A Red Eye Flight

Sometimes, you must take a red-eye flight to go from one place to another. 

For instance – If you want to go from JFK (New York) to Frankfurt (FRA), you can choose between Condor, Delta, Lufthansa, and Singapore Airlines. All of them leave New York in the late afternoon or evening (between 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM). They all land in Frankfurt the next morning.

But for other trips, like flying on Dubai to London flights, or Melbourne to Delhi flights travelers can choose between red eye flights and daytime flights. Here’s why you might pick a red-eye flight:


Sometimes, the difference in cost (especially if you’re traveling with a bunch of people) is so big that dealing with tired eyes for a day doesn’t seem too bad. Check the best search engines that compare prices and provide offers to find the best deals for your journey.

Business class

If you can afford to upgrade from economy class and the airline offers beds you can lay flat on, you might end up on a red-eye flight without tired eyes. For example, that trip from Brisbane to Delhi flights via Melbourne with Qantas included a comfy bed where sleeping was easy and nice.

If You’re Up For It

Red-eye flights can be better if you understand what they’re like (not much sleep) and how to get ready for them (sleep more the night before, don’t plan much for the next day). It’s good to bring your own eye mask because the ones the airlines give might not block out light well.

Make The Most Of Your Day

Red-eye flights let you ‘gain’ a day. You can use the whole day to travel and adjust to your new place & environment. 

Cons Of Red Eye Flights

But, flying red-eye comes with some notable downsides. These drawbacks can be significant enough for certain passengers to avoid overnight flights altogether. Some of these disadvantages include:

  • Traveling With Children

Dealing with a young child who might not feel sleepy when you do, or who may become cranky from lack of sleep during boarding or exiting the plane, is not ideal.

  • Traveling With Other People’s Children

It’s even more challenging to share the flight with children you don’t have control over. They might disturb your sleep while you fly red eye flights, making the experience less enjoyable.

  • Hard To Fall Asleep

If you’re used to your comfy bed, favorite pillow, specific sleeping position, or soothing smells to doze off, you might struggle to get some shut-eye on a noisy, cramped plane like the 777. But if you’re ready for it, it might not bother you too much.

  • More likely to make mistakes

Normally, you’re either asleep or at home around the red eye flight times. When you’re not, you might feel confused and make simple errors. These can range from forgetting things when leaving home or the hotel for the airport to just feeling out of it because you’re so tired.

How To Survive Red-Eye Flights? 

It can be hard to fall asleep on a plane, especially during a red eye flight. Here are some tips and things you can bring to help you feel rested when you arrive.

  • Wear Comfy Clothes

Forget about wearing fancy clothes. Tight clothes can make it hard to sleep. Instead, wear loose clothes like a T-shirt or hoodie with sweatpants, jeans, or shorts. Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. 

  • Get Some In-Flight Gear

Having the right accessories can make a big difference. Bring things like a sleep mask, earplugs, a cozy blanket, or a travel pillow. Some airlines don’t provide blankets, so it’s a good idea to bring your own.

  • Have A Warm Drink

A hot drink before bed can help you feel sleepy. Treat yourself to a cup of tea to help you doze off faster.

  • Choose your seat early

Pre-booking your seat lets you pick a window seat, so you won’t get bothered by other passengers needing to move around. Window seats also let you control the window shade to block out light. Some seats have more legroom, so check if you can pre-book those for a bit extra.

  • Consider upgrading to Business or First Class

Red-eye flights are often cheaper, so you might be able to afford a better seat. Business or First Class seats are more comfortable and some even turn into beds. It’s worth considering if you want to have a good sleep during your flight.


Red-eye flights give you an extra day on your trip without needing to pay for another night in a hotel. Some flights only happen overnight, so keep that in mind when planning your trip. Whether it’s worth dealing with tiredness or possible sleep troubles depends on each person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are red eye flights cheaper?

A: Yes. Red-eye flights are usually cheaper than flights at other times of the day. If you think flying late won’t tire you out too much, go for a red eye or overnight flight. Getting cheap red-eye tickets during less busy times helps you save money.

Q: Do red eye flights fly well below capacity?

A: During the day, airlines usually have all their seats filled. But late-night flights often don’t. If you’ve bought a seat with cheap red-eye flight tickets, you might find yourself with extra space to stretch out and sleep. With fewer passengers, you might also get an airline blanket, pillow, and snack.

Q: Is there faster check-in during red eye flights?

A: At night, airports are usually much quieter because there are fewer people around. If you’re flying on a red-eye flight, you probably won’t have to wait long for check-in. You’ll likely get to your gate faster compared to flying during the day.

Q: Do red eye flights help you save time? 

A: Flights during the middle of the day take up a lot of your time, leaving many tasks unfinished. But a late-night flight lets you use the whole day, so you can get all your work done. If you’re someone who really hates traffic jams, then taking a red-eye flight can make things a lot easier for you.

Q: Are red eye flights more dangerous?

A: Red-eye flights with their crews and equipment are just as safe as any other flight. But, if you take them a lot and can’t sleep well on planes, they might not be so good for your health.

Q: Are red eye flights less crowded?

A: Red-eye flights give you more room and privacy because there are fewer people on board compared to other flights. This is helpful if you want plenty of space to stretch out.

We hope this piece of information clears all your doubts on ‘What is a red eye flight?’ & ‘How to book one?’. So, the next time you face any new challenges while booking your red-eye or overnight flights, consider this guide or contact our team of travel professionals at MyIndiaFlight. We’ll resolve all your queries as quickly as possible.  


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