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Founded by business stalwart JRD Tata, Air India was then known as Tata Air Services. With its first flight taking off from Bombay to Trivandrum, Air India soon garnered support and had flights connecting to every city in India and even across the world. Today, Air India serves 102 global destinations via its empowering fleet size of 127! Headquartered in the Indian national capital, New Delhi, Air India shone globally when it rescued 111,000 Indians stranded in Kuwait during the Gulf War of 1990.

Useful Insights About Air India

Hub Airports Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai
Headquarter Delhi, India

Air India Cabin Classes Services

Flying on cheap Air India reservations can get you to experience either of the three cabin classes available – First Class, Executive Class, and Economy Class. On First Class, you get a wide seat that extends into full-length beds, personal entertainment screens, night lights, an exotic assortment of Indian as well as continental cuisines, and a pair of Pyjamas and T-shirts to slip into. Executive Class or Business Class flights would be an ideal choice if you are out on a business trip for it offers plush seats, extravagant legroom, delectable cuisines, alcoholic beverages, and priority check-ins. Lastly, the Economy Class comes with comfortable reclining seats offering optimum support to your back, sufficient legroom, vegetarian, pure vegetarian, and non-vegetarian meal options, personal screens loaded with a variety of shows and movies, generous checked baggage allowance, and temperature control mechanisms.

Reasons to Book Air India International Flights

Being India’s national carrier, stealing a moment with cheap Air India flight tickets can get you an authentic taste of many Indian things. Be it the lip-smacking, also spicy, food, or the ethnic welcome ‘Namaste’, flying on Air India will give you a sufficient grasp of Indian hospitality.

Air India flight tickets are priced at a moderate bar which can help you to not only save a lot but also travel with luxury. If you are bound financially, Air India will help give you wings (well, literally) without letting you compromise on your desire to travel.

Food On Air India International Flights

Indian food is loved by one and all. While flying to India will give you greater access to all parts of the Indian cuisine, Air India’s nicely picked in-flight menu will offer major flavors from all across the country! Isn’t that amazing? Hence, before you land, you would already know whether it is the Medu Vada or a platter of Banarasi Aloo Poori that will be your staple for the next few days!

Air India Flights Reward Program

Did you know bagging cheap Air India flight tickets can help you grab amazing returns? That’s right! With the airline’s frequent flyer program, Flying Returns, you can get a lot more than you spend on flights! The points you earn while flying with Air India or any of the Star Alliance members can be used to book more flights at no cost. A unique feature of Air India’s reward program is that you can pool your savings with your family. So, whether it is your wife or your parents, Air India flight bookings will come easy on your wallets. In case you are short of some miles, you are free to buy miles too!

Air India Flight Check-in

Checking in at the airport while tolerating the needle-pricking ache climbing up your legs is too mainstream and harmful for the journey you are heading out for. Hence, with cheap Air India flights, you can say goodbye to the counter check-ins featuring those never-ending queues. You can check-in while you grab a quick bite of the burger on your way to the airport, or wrap up your luggage at home – all you need is the internet and your mobile phone. Be sure to check-in between 24 hours and 2 hours before departure if you’re flying international, and between 24 hours and 1 hour if you’re flying domestic.

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Whether you want to tour the world’s largest democracy or grab flights to see the London Eye, cheap Air India international flights are what will take you wherever you want! Majorly preferred for the warm hospitality and the subtle Indian touch, Air India is also known for its pocket-friendly deals that will put you on travel mode instantly! Moreover, these paired with our lucrative offers are everything you would want to make your trip one of the best in times to come!

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If you are wondering if our affordable-looking prices are certainly what meets your eyes, our answer is yes. We sell what we show because for us, building a healthy customer relation comes first. In this pursuit, our team works tirelessly to shell out the best deals for you. Since, both you and we share similar roots, we can understand how important it is to have your trip curated your way! Hence, while making your Air India flight booking online, we will do our best to accommodate all your needs and offer you 24*7 customer service. So, what’s holding you back from flying the Maharajah style?

Air India Customer Service:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I check the Air India flight status?

Ans: Air India flight tracker will allow you to check the flight status. MyIndiaFlights allows you to keep a track of your Air India flight booking and check the flight status.

Q: Can I avail of the Air India change flight option?

Ans: When you book an Air India cheap flight, you are allowed to change your bookings at times, by paying a small fee.

Q: What can I do if Air India cancelled my flight?

Ans: When your Air India flight booking is cancelled by the airline, you will be eligible for a refund and even compensation in some cases, according to the Air India flight cancellation policy. The refund is normally made within a week or two of the cancellation.

Q: What is the Air India domestic flight baggage allowance?

Ans: On Air India domestic flights, the baggage allowance depends on the route of your flight. On most routes, one bag weighing 25 kg is allowed. The baggage policy can vary.

Q: Can I take extra baggage, in addition to the Air India international flight baggage allowance?

Ans: Yes, extra baggage can be taken by paying the Air India express extra baggage charges for International Flights.

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