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Posted on 22nd Oct, 2023 by Heena Ganotra , Updated 1 month ago

With the introduction of innovative low-cost living solutions by businesses such as Airbnb, OYO rooms, and alike, more students are enabled to travel across the world. To empower more students, Airlines have also introduced specialized discount plans for them. After going across multiple student travel deals given by various airlines, we have come up with an exhaustive list of 10 incredible airline discounts for students:-

Airline Discounts for Students (US Exclusive)


To cater to its young travelers, United Airlines has a special discount on flights for 18 to 22-year-olds. You can avail this discount for both domestic and international flights. All you need to do is download the United app and log in to your MileagePlus® account and Choose the discount option upon clicking “book” at the bottom navigation bar. This discount applies only to the booking made via the United app. The rate of United Airlines Student Discount varies from one city to another.

Turkish Airlines

Apart from being the national carrier of Turkey, this airline operates flight services across 310+ destinations, making it among the largest mainline carriers. Turkish Airlines discounts provide a wide range of benefits to student passengers, including:

  • Turkish Airlines Student discount on flight: 20% off domestic flights, up to 10% off international flights, and special prices on international one-way flights.
  • Baggage Allowance: Free 40 kg baggage allowance on flights with the one-piece luggage concept.
  • Free Change: Students are allowed to change for free for the first change on international flights.
  • Welcome Miles: Students are eligible for extra miles on their new memberships on Miles&Smiles.


Generation Fly is a Lufthansa site dedicated to fulfilling today’s international student travelers’ needs. The student discount program of Lufthansa provides lucrative deals for flights to 450+ locations. When you book a flight using Generation Fly, you will see an option to select “student” fares for your trip in the pop-up.

Students currently go in for a US college, university, or school with a valid student email ID can book student tickets with GenerationFly. By official student email address, I mean to say that you need to have a .edu or K12 email address. If you don’t have the official student email address, you can still get a “Lufthansa airlines student discount” by contacting Lufthansa Generation Fly via their official email address generationfly@dlh.de.

Pacific Coastal Airlines

Post-secondary students with valid ISIC (International Student Identity Card) can avail themselves of a special discount of 15% on some flights. They must be over the age of 17 to avail of Pacific Coastal airlines student discount. This discount is available for new bookings only, and you can’t combine it with any other offer.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines have an enhanced baggage allowance policy for students traveling abroad, applicable only on one-way fares. In economy class plans, the students can carry 5ky extra baggage on top of their standard baggage allowance.

Along with extra baggage, you can also get up to 1000 KrisFlyer Bonus Miles after enrolling with KrisFlyer Singapore airlines student discount on the website.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways have an exclusive student Club strategically developed to provide unparalleled services to students traveling across the world. Some of the benefits provided to the Qatar Airways airlines student discount via this club include:-

  • Special deals for students.
  • Excess baggage allowance.
  • Flexibility to change flight dates.
  • Promo codes for new members.
  • A Privilege Club tier upgrade after you graduate.

American Airlines

For students attending selected U.S.-based colleges, American Airlines Vacations provides airfare and land accommodations deals to enhance their exploratory zeal. They provide Land and air packages at an additional 5 percent discount on top of their already affordable prices. The online booking process is quite simple as students have to fill in their identification numbers and select their college from the pull-down menu. To increase their gains, students can also join the AAdvantage® program of American Airlines student discount to earn miles while traveling, shopping, and staying at their program partners.

British Airways

British Airways Airlines student discount worth 10% that typically coincides with the start of the academic year. The tickets are flexible as students can change the dates of their flights without any change fees. Also, they are entitled to an extra baggage allowance of 23 kgs on top of the standard baggage allowance. These tickets are valid for one year as per the policy of British airways. Along with the above-standardized plan, there are also some region or country-specific plans which cater to the student travel requirements of international students.

Canadian Airlines

Canadian Airlines has come up with a unique pre-paid Student Flight Pass that provides locked-in pricing , flexible bookings and get Canadian Airlines student discount. You can currently buy a four-credit flight pass where each credit stands for a one way flight per person, including connecting flights. Some of the perks of this pass include :

  • Locked-In Prices: This means that the price per flight credit is guaranteed by the airline.
  • Last-minute bookings: You can book your flight as late as 2 hours before the date of departure.
  • Preferential treatment: This pass allows you to choose your seat for free ahead of everyone else. Also, you get the opportunity of earning extra miles.
  • Dedicated App: There is a dedicated app for student pass owners which makes booking, changing, or cancellation of fights swift.

To qualify for this, you must be a student and a Canadian resident with a real Aeroplan membership and email address at the time of ticket booking and during the Flight Pass’s validity period.

The largest airline in the middle east region and Flag carrier of the emirate of Dubai also has an excellent discount policy explicitly targeted at students. They can use the promo code STUDENT to get up to 10% discounts on Economic Class and Business Class fares. You also get one extra piece besides the standard baggage allowance. On top of this, you also get one free date change until seven days before the date of departure.


The information shared will help you get Airline Discounts for Students on flights. It will help if you keep in mind that the above policies are subject to change, so you need to keep in touch with the aviation company’s website to get updates. However, this might consume a lot of time comparing and analyzing the aviation industry’s technical jargon. Instead of going through all the airline discounts sites, get in touch with MyIndiaFlight and swiftly get the best student discount on USA to India flights.


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