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Traveling with kids is not an easy task, and all the parents can relate to this. Whether it is flying internationally with kids or going grocery shopping down the street, traveling with kids requires a lot of preparation. Particularly when the kid needs an abundance of stuff to be carried, there is so much that needs to be hauled. Be it snacks, diapers, medicines, or even an extra pair of clothes and shoes! The right journey bag must accommodate all the kid’s essentials so that one can enjoy a hassle-free journey.

From the variety of bags available such as backpacks, totes, and sacks, duffle bags for kids are most suitable. Kids’ duffle bags, also spelled as ‘duffel,’ are the number one choice for traveling. Personalized duffle bags for kids are among the favorites of young travelers. Scroll below to know more about children’s duffle bags, and the need for kids to have their own travel bags.

Merits Of Kids Having Their Own Duffle Bags

Traveling with kids requires painstaking organizing of their belongings for a smooth journey. We need to have easy access to all the items so that there is no need to check every bag to find one piece of cloth! To start with organizing kids’ stuff, dedicating a separate bag to every kid is one of the best solutions. If there is no luggage restriction, one can have a separate bag kids bag. Keeping in mind the mode of travel, duration of the trip, weather conditions, and other essential travel specifications.

1. A sense of control

Once the kids are given the task of packing their luggage independently, they start enjoying the freedom and understand the sense of responsibility. They realize that they can not take all of their belongings for the trip. As the kids have to pack, carry, and use their own travel bags, they know the number of essentials they must carry for the trip. Managing their own luggage also teaches them the value of traveling light at an early age.

2. Traveling is not just fun

It is crucial to make the kids understand that traveling involves a lot of planning. Also, it takes a significant amount of time and effort. Having a dedicated travel bag also teaches them to make choices and understand the priority of things. As the trip draws closer, along with the excitement, comes the anxiety. We need to ensure that no last-minute change of plan crops up. By giving the kids charge of their luggage, they can get a taste of the efforts it takes to make a trip successful. 

3. Organizational skills

By allocating their own travel bags to the kids, they imbibe the critical life skill of efficiently organizing their belongings. This way, they learn how to pack their bags smartly and filter the items to be packed according to their need. Once all the items are at their place, one can quickly find the items on the journey. It also takes less time to unpack then. Additionally, it inculcates the habit of adopting a minimalist lifestyle. It also encourages in development of better organizational skills at an early stage in life.

4. Share the load

A dedicated travel bag for kids imbibes the sense of sharing the luggage load with other family members. This gives the kids a sense of responsibility to pack efficiently, leave behind the unrequired things, and adhere to the luggage specifications. It will ensure that the kids are efficient in planning for trips in the future and focus on traveling light.

Origins Of Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are named after the town of Duffel in Belgium. This town near Antwerp is where the thick woolen cloth of Duffle bags was originally made in the mid-17th century. The duffle bag is usually referred to as a large, cylindrical bag that is closed at the top with zipping or drawstring. 

History fact: The mention of duffle bags was found in the letters written in World War I. By World War II, these bags’ design was modified to be suited for military people which provides sturdiness to carry heavier loads. Due to the functional improvements, the popularity of duffle bags for traveling purposes spread over stores in the United States and Europe. It is widely used in the Navy and Army.

Why Duffle Bags?

The versatility of duffle bags makes them one of the ideal luggage choices for travelers, gym enthusiasts, military personnel, or outdoor adventurers. Since the 17th century, duffle bags have been a staple for the travel world due to their packability and fuss-free design.

  • There are a variety of duffle bags for kids for travel available in the market. Waxed canvas duffle bags for adventures like mountain climbing, leather duffle bags for last-minute business trips, or sudden outing plans with friends. You can find weekender duffles, duffles with backpack straps, laptop duffles, waterproof duffles, duffles with wheels — there is a duffle bag for every travel need!
  • Duffle bags are ideal for two-bag travel. Pairing a backpack with a duffle bag is much easier than carrying a second backpack on the front. You can also opt for duffle bags with a cross-body strap for carrying it hands-free, just like the backpacks!

Advantages Of Duffle Bag

1. Compact and easy to pack

It is easiest to pack in a duffle bag as you need to put the things in a bag without arranging them. You can throw all of the items in the duffle bag, zip it up, and you’ll be good to go. Especially when the plan is impromptu, one can easily stuff the duffle bag with all the essentials without any fuss. If you have zero patience and packing drives you crazy, you will love a duffle bag for the trip with your kids.

2. Spacious

The unstructured and cylindrical shape of the duffle bags makes them very spacious to store even the large bulk gear for camping. The middle compartment of the duffle bag provides a large room for the user. Using the duffle bag, you can slash the number of suitcases you need to take, which is a big plus for any travel plans! This makes duffle bags perfect for stashing oversized items like diving gear or snow boots.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the most desired qualities in luggage by travelers so that it can easily fit into small spaces. Unlike the rigid, hard-sided structure of suitcases, duffle bags are more flexible and soft and can be squished in overhead compartments while traveling by airplane. Duffle bags can easily squeeze into tight spaces, and hence the flexibility is one of the unique features of this type of luggage.

4. Durability

Duffle bags are made out of authentic leather or canvas, making them last for many years, unlike the cheap bags made of fabric which mostly need to be replaced in a year or two. With duffle bags made of fabrics, the letter D (50D, 250D, 1000D, etc.) is mentioned where the letter D stands for denier. It measures the thickness and weight of the fabric used. The higher the denier within the same fabric family, the more durable but heavier the fabric is. Leather, parachute, and nylon are a few of the most common materials used in duffle bags.

5. Gives a professional look

Duffle bags are style statements for many travelers. They provide a polished and professional look. So, if you are heading for a business trip or road trip with friends, a duffle bag is a must to amp up your style statement.

Duffle bag size and weight

For traveling by air, a duffle bag must not be larger than 45L, i.e., 22 x 14 x 9 inches. Usually, the duffle bags between 30L and 45L are the ideal carry-on compliance range for domestic flights within the USA and international flights from USA (such as Chicago to Delhi flights).

Carrying the lightest duffle bag is ideal for traveling by flight as they abide by strict weight restrictions, especially the budget airlines. As there is a specific limit on the number of hand luggage you can take in, a duffle bag fits several items without exceeding the cabin luggage requirements. Unlike rigid suitcases, duffle bags do not have much weight of their own, which makes them travel-friendly. 

Tips To Choose The Best Duffle Bags For Kids

1. Available space

Kids require many things while traveling, such as different sets of clothes, toiletries, and even games. Consider selecting a duffle bag that can accommodate all of the essential items for traveling. At the same time, should not be very heavy for the kid to carry.

2. Waterproof and easy-to-clean built

Duffle bags of waterproof material are helpful so that they can handle light rain and splashes. The luggage which is not waterproof can be messy during the rains. This is one of the most desired features required in luggage for kids as they can spill eatables which can easily be wiped out from the waterproof duffle bags.  

3. Personalized duffle bags for kids

Super cute personalized duffle bags attract the kids’ attention and make them excited about packing and going for the trip. A little monogram or duffle bag personalized with their initials makes kids enthusiastic and enables them to travel in style.

4. Functionality

A good duffle bag should not only be good in looks but also prove functionality. A quality delta bag must maintain proper posture. Choose the duffle bag your kid will be comfortable wearing or carrying all day long.


Duffle bags are a staple for travel and are known for their simplicity and versatility. Duffle bags for kids are a must for a hassle-free trip. The best travel duffle bags for kids can range from small to medium-sized, soft-sided, and flexible bags to sizable rolling duffle bags. Sleek and minimalistic duffle bags for kids are great for road trips when there is a shortage of space as they are compact and can be easily squeezed into tight spaces. 


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