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Nonstop flights redefine the travel experience by connecting Australia and India directly and efficiently. These flights are intended for travelers who prefer a nonstop journey, avoiding the need for many stops and rushing the process of traveling long distances. So, want to know about Air India’s non-stop flights? Look no further! Get all the information you require to travel via non-stop flights to India from Australia and back. Here, we’ll guide you through every detail, from flight durations to the available non-stop flight routes connecting these two vibrant countries.

Non-Stop Flights Between Australia And India

Non-stop flight alternatives between Australia and India provided by Air India and Qantas – 

  • Air India nonstop flights from Melbourne to Delhi (MEL-DEL)
  • Air India nonstop flights from Sydney to Delhi (SYD-DEL)
  • Qantas nonstop flights from Sydney to Bangalore (SYD-BLR) 
  • Qantas nonstop flights from Melbourne to Delhi (MEL-DEL)

Air India Melbourne To Delhi Non-Stop Flight (MEL-DEL)

The non-stop Air India flight from Melbourne to Delhi takes around 12 hours and 35 minutes. Since its launch, this direct route has enjoyed significant success, attracting many travelers.

Air India Sydney To Delhi Non-Stop Flight (SYD-DEL)

The non-stop Air India flight from Sydney to Delhi has a total travel time of 12 hours and 50 minutes, effectively reducing the journey duration on a route that experiences significant passenger demand.

Qantas Sydney To Bangalore Non-Stop Flights (SYD-BLR)

The other popular non-stop route is Qantas flights from Sydney to Bangalore. As the sole carrier on this route, Qantas has significantly reduced the travel time to just 11 hours and 45 minutes, making it a highly sought-after option since its launch.

Qantas Melbourne To Delhi Non-Stop Flight (MEL-DEL)

The non-stop flight from Melbourne to Delhi offered by Qantas ensures a seamless journey, lasting 12 hours and 45 minutes, eliminating layover concerns. Air India also operates this route.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How frequent are non-stop flights between Australia and India?

A: Non-stop flights are available regularly, with multiple weekly services from major Australian cities to key Indian destinations. The frequency may vary based on the airline and the specific route.

Q: Do non-stop flights offer business-class seating?

A: Yes, the majority of airlines that offer non-stop flights provide business class options for a more luxurious and enjoyable travel experience.

Q: Can I choose my seat in advance on non-stop flights?

A: Numerous airlines allow passengers to pre-select their seats, particularly when making online reservations. Take advantage of this feature to secure your preferred seating and enhance your overall flying experience.

Q: What facilities are provided on non-stop flights?

A: Generally, non-stop flights provide various facilities, including in-flight entertainment, meals, and comfortable seating. Some airlines may additionally offer services like Wi-Fi and access to exclusive lounges for business-class travelers.

Q: What are the major non-stop flight routes between Australia and India?

A: Popular non-stop routes from Australia to India are –  Sydney to Delhi, Melbourne to Delhi, and Sydney to Bangalore.

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