Round Trip vs One Way Air Tickets – Which Should You Pick?


Posted on 8th Oct, 2023 by Renu Dahiya , Updated 7 months ago

Are you wondering which type of air ticket is best for you – a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket? No more confusion! You’re in the right place. We’ll help you understand the differences between these two options in simple terms, so you can make an informed decision when booking your next flight. 

Before you make your choice it’s important to know what each ticket type means & their comparison, so you can get the most affordable ticket that suits your needs. So, skim through the piece now – 

What Are One Way Flights? | One Way Flights Meaning

A one-way flight takes you from your starting point to your destination, but it doesn’t bring you back. For example, imagine booking a flight from Chicago to Delhi (one-way), and you’re not planning to return immediately.

Pros of Opting for One Way Flights:

  • If your adventure knows no bounds and your travel plans are as spontaneous as a surprise gift, one way flights are your ticket to freedom.
  • With a one-way ticket, you won’t be tied down to a fixed return date. 
  • You can scout for the best deals and pocket-friendly fares on your way back, ensuring maximum savings.

What Is A Round Trip Flight? | Round Trip Flight Meaning

A round-trip flight ticket allows a traveler to journey from one location to another and return to the original departure point, typically following the same route. For instance, this could involve booking a flight from Melbourne to Delhi and then returning, either directly or through another city or country.

Pros of Opting for Round Trip Flights:

  • If your travel plans are set in stone and you know when you need to be back, a round-trip ticket saves you the hassle of booking two separate one-way tickets.
  • A round-trip ticket is often kinder to your wallet than buying two one-way tickets separately. It’s like getting a discount for committing to the full journey.
  • No need to stress about finding another flight ticket that fits your budget for the journey back. With a round trip ticket, you’ve got your return sorted from the get-go.

Round Trip vs One Way Tickets – Comparison

This comprehensive comparison between round trip and one way tickets will help you make an informed decision when booking your flights. 

Travel Type

  • Round Trip Ticket: Allows travel from one point to another and return to the original departure point.
  • One Way Ticket: Permits travel from one point to another without a return journey.

Cost Considerations

  • Round Trip Ticket: Generally, round trip flight tickets are more cost-effective than one way airline tickets.
  • One Way Ticket: One way airline tickets tend to be pricier compared to round trip options.

Ticket Inclusions

  • Round Trip Ticket: Includes both the outbound and return flights in a single ticket purchase, eliminating the need for a separate return ticket.
  • One Way Ticket: Requires the traveler to purchase a separate air ticket for the return journey.

Convenience for Airlines

  • Round Trip Ticket: Round trips are more convenient for airlines when scheduling flights in advance.
  • One Way Ticket: Airlines face challenges in setting schedules when travelers book separate one way tickets for the return journey.

Fixed vs. Flexible Schedule

  • Round Trip Ticket: Ideal for travelers with fixed schedules, offering cost savings.
  • One Way Ticket: Suitable for those unsure about their return plans or requiring flexibility.

Ticket Quantity and Pricing

  • Round Trip Ticket: Passengers receive two flight tickets (outbound and return) at a lower combined cost.
  • One Way Ticket: Travelers pay for a single, often higher-priced ticket.

Domestic vs. International Travel

  • Round Trip Ticket: A preferred choice for international travel due to cost-effectiveness.
  • One Way Ticket: Often a more economical option for domestic travel.

Cancellation and Change Fees

  • Round Trip Ticket: Incurs cancellation and change fees only once for the entire journey.
  • One Way Ticket: Requires payment of change and cancellation fees twice, once for each leg of the journey.

Is It Cheaper To Fly One Way Or Round Trip When Using Points & Miles?

Most U.S. airline loyalty programs will require the same amount of miles whether you opt for a round-trip booking or two separate one-way flights. Consequently, it can be advantageous to select two one-way flights as it offers greater flexibility in case you need to make changes or cancel your plans.

Nonetheless, there are exceptions to this rule. Some loyalty programs, like Delta, offer a lower mileage requirement for round-trip awards compared to booking two separate one-way flights. We recommend comparing the pricing of award flights for both options to ensure the best deal.

Tip- Want to know why flight prices decrease after booking? And, what to do in this situation? Check out our guide here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be charged a cancellation fee twice for a roundtrip booking?

A: No, you won’t incur a double cancellation fee if you have reserved roundtrip flight tickets.

Q: Are two one-way flights more expensive than a round-trip?

A: Airlines used to impose higher costs for purchasing two one-way tickets as opposed to a round-trip ticket for the same route. Nevertheless, this is no longer the prevailing practice on many domestic routes and even some international ones, largely due to increased competition, particularly from budget airlines.

Q: What is throwaway ticketing?

A: Throwaway ticketing is a strategy where travelers purchase a roundtrip ticket but discard the unused portion, effectively securing a one-way airfare at the cost of a roundtrip ticket. This approach is widely adopted by frequent flyers and is seen as a cost-effective choice.

Q: What is an outbound flight?

A: An outbound flight is a flight departing from a specific location and heading towards another destination.

Q: What is an inbound flight?

A: In the context of roundtrip flights, where a traveler departs from one location and returns to the same origin, the inbound flight is the one that brings the passenger back to the starting city or country.

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