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As a student, the desire to explore new destinations during breaks or going abroad for their higher studies is often limited by budget barriers. However, with the availability of student discount flights and cheap travel options, students can fulfill their desires without spending a lot of money. In this guide we will cover all the aspects of student discount flights and other cheap ways for students to travel, giving students tips and answering frequently asked questions to help them find cheap flights.

Understanding Student Discount Flights

Student discount flights are designed to give them lower fares, so they can travel without having to worry about the usual expenses of flying. Students can get special discounts provided by many airlines, which makes it cheaper for them to go both domestically and internationally. To qualify for these discounts, you need to provide proof that you are a student, like a current student ID or a letter of acceptance to a university.

Leading Airlines Offering Student Flights

Student Discount with United Airlines

United Airlines stands as one of the biggest carriers in the United States, offering budget-friendly airfares for students on both domestic and international routes. With operational hubs strategically placed in Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, Guam, Houston, Newark, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Washington, DC, United Airlines serves many travel needs. Students can take advantage of huge savings by securing their tickets 11 months in advance through United Airlines‘ exclusive student price deals. Moreover, the airline presents the “GroupPlus Program,” enabling student flyers to book airline tickets in groups of 10 or more passengers, ensuring big savings on their flights. Below, you will find the full United Airlines standard baggage 

Class Of TravelLuggage Allowance (Weight-Base)
Economy Class50 pounds (23 kg) per piece 
Business Class70 pounds (32 kg) per piece
First Class70 pounds (32 kg) per piece

Student Discount with Lufthansa

The largest and only five-star German airline, Lufthansa, is a top option for students looking for cheap flights. Even while Lufthansa offers flights to many foreign locations, it particularly makes itself affordable for college students.

To qualify for the student discount program, students must be currently enrolled in a college or university in the United States and must be between the ages of 12 and 25. Students can take advantage of considerable airline discounts from Lufthansa to over many locations.

The following weight guidelines are applicable concerning Lufthansa’s baggage allowance policy:

Class Of Travel Luggage Allowance (Weight-Base)
Economy Class1 bag up to 23 kg + 1 ski bag
Premium Economy Class 2 bags up to 23 kg + 1 ski bag
Business Class2 bags up to 32 kg + 1 ski bag
First Class3 bags up to 32 kg + 1 ski bag

Student Discount with Emirates

Emirates, a premium global airline, enriches your student travel experience with a unique student discount on international flights and additional rewards. Providing up to a 10% discount on both economy class and business class prices, Emirates offers to students traveling for educational purposes or recreation to over 250 destinations worldwide. Enjoy the flexibility to adjust your flight plans and gain an extra allowance or an additional piece of luggage, supplementing the usual Emirates baggage limit.

Class Of Travel Luggage Allowance (Weight-Base)Luggage Allowance (Piece-Based) 
Economy Class (Special)20 kg1 piece up to 23 kg
Economy Class25-35 kg2 pieces up to 23 kg each
Business Class40 kg2 pieces up to 32 kg each
First Class50 kg2 pieces up to 32 kg each

Student Discount with Delta Airlines:

Delta Airlines, one of the world’s oldest and largest carriers, is recognized for providing affordable tickets, specifically excelling as a top choice for student discounts. Alongside its partners, Delta has a wide network with 5,400 daily flights to 319 destinations across 54 countries. To get the student discount given by Delta Airlines, students need to complete verification. Customers on Delta student discount flights also get complimentary snacks and free WiFi. Delta Airlines gives a luggage allowance of 50 pounds (23 kg) per piece for Basic Economy, Main Cabin, and Delta Premium Select passengers, and 70 lbs (32 kg) per piece for Delta One, First, and Business Class passengers. The detailed Delta Airlines baggage allowance policy depending on different classes is outlined below:

Class Of Travel Standard Baggage Allowance
Economy Class50 lb (23 kg) per piece
Main Cabin50 lb (23 kg) per piece
First Class70 lb (32 kg) per piece
Business Class70 lb (32 kg) per piece

Student Discount with Turkish Airlines:

Turkish Airlines, recognized for its exceptional airport services and onboard experience, offers inexpensive one-way flights, especially for students. Enrolling in the “Miles & Smiles” program provides students with a 20% discount on domestic and 10% on foreign flights. Enjoy a substantial 40 kg luggage limit for international flights under the weight concept. The ski baggage policy permits the first set of ski equipment to be carried free of charge. Moreover, students receive a one-time free ticket change privilege for overseas flights as an added perk. Explore the specifics of Turkish Airlines‘ student luggage allowance below:

Class Of Travel Standard Baggage Allowance
Economy Class23 kg per piece + one piece of 8 kg for cabin baggage
Business Class32 kg per piece + two pieces of 8 kg for cabin baggage

Student Discount with American Airlines

American Airlines is also one of the major airlines that provides great discounts & deals to students. You can skim through the American Airlines student discount flight process & guidelines here. 

Airlines Giving Discounts for Student Flights

  • Air India 
  • Qatar Airways
  • Air Canada
  • Etihad
  • Srilankan Airlines

Finding Affordable Flights for Students

  • Maximizing Student Discount Plans: Airlines frequently offer special student discount plans that give students access to reduced fares, open booking options, and additional perks like free checked baggage or plan changes.
  • Comparing Multiple Airlines: Utilizing flight comparison websites and apps specially designed for student travel allows for comparing fares from different airlines like United Airlines student discount and many more, and finding the most affordable options.
  • Accepting Flexible Travel Dates and Times: Being open to flexible travel dates and off-peak times may significantly affect flight costs. Mid-week travel and late-night or early-morning flights are frequently more budget-friendly options to choose from.
  • Subscribing to Alerts and Newsletters: Staying informed about special deals and discounts is essential. Joining airline newsletters and setting up fare alerts keeps students updated, allowing them to seize opportunities for cheap flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which airlines offer student discount flights?

A: While not all airlines offer dedicated student discount programs, many major carriers and budget airlines like Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and many more work with student travel agencies or provide exclusive student deals.

Q: Are student discount flights available for foreign travel?

A: Yes, student discount flights are available for both local and international travel. However, the availability of discounts may vary based on the airline, route, and location.

Q: What documents are required to avail of student discount flights?

A: Typically, students must provide proof of enrollment in a college or school, such as a valid student ID, college acceptance letter, or International Student Identity Card (ISIC).

Q: Can non-students join a student on discounted flights?

A: Student discount flights mainly apply to student visitors only. However, some airlines may offer companion fare discounts or permit non-students to book alongside the students at cheaper prices.

Q: How far in advance should students book for the best deals?

A: Booking well in advance is recommended to score the best deals on student discount flights. However, last-minute student deals may also be available. For more tips and insights go through our guide to the “Best time to book a flighthere.


Explore student discounts on flights to multiple global destinations with the airlines suggested above. If you have any questions, MyIndiaFlight is your committed partner, guiding you every step of the way – from choosing the most budget-friendly student discount flights to obtaining your flight tickets. We specialize in offering the cheapest flights from USA To India (and back) and flights from Australia to India (and back). 

Keep coming back to our blog section for the latest information, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of travel professionals for thorough answers to all your queries.


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