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Unaccompanied minor flights allow children above 5 years and below 14 years to travel alone. We at MyIndiaFlight arrange the best airlines for unaccompanied minors, making travel safe and better for children and minors. With believe in making travel easier for our customers and that is why we leave no stones unturned in any area. Whether you want your children to fly via American airlines unaccompanied minors or United Airlines, our dedicated services will take care of the requirements. So, if you are wondering how old do you have to be to fly alone, simply book cheap unaccompanied minor flights with us. 

How To Get Cheap Unaccompanied Minor Flights?

While some airlines provide a separate facility for unaccompanied minor flights, others require an additional add-on upon the existing flight tickets to book unaccompanied minor flights online. So, if you are in continuous search of cheap flights for minors, consulting team MyIndiaFlight and using our November Flight Deals, Flights Under $49 can help you save more. Following are the steps involved in booking a flight for an Unaccompanied Minor:-

STEP 1: Read the policy for unaccompanied minors of the airlines you plan to choose for the minor’s trip.

STEP 2: Determine if your child falls within the age range, as well as any restrictions or guidelines you need to follow. For example, some airlines only allow unaccompanied minors on non-stop flights.

STEP 3: Ask questions regarding any doubts you may have while contacting the travel agent for booking an unaccompanied minor’s flight.

STEP 4: Compile all the Required Check-In and travel Documents/Information in advance that are mandatory as per the airline. It may comprise of:

Most of the time, airlines require the adult to fill up all the above details in an unaccompanied minor form.

STEP 5: Book the flight and ask for the Airport check-in procedure to remove any dubiety.

STEP 6: Coordinate the travel plan of the minor with the person who will be picking up the minor at the departure point.

Tips On Getting Cheap Unaccompanied Minor Flights

Different airlines have different fare categories. For instance policy and procedure for unaccompanied minors United Airlines would be different from American Airlines unaccompanied minors. The best way to avail of this service is to check cheap flights for kids with us. Helping young flyers with comfort, convenience and safety is our first priority when it comes to traveling alone. Other few things that you can follow to make your children’s flights cheap are as follows: 

Why Choose MyIndiaFlight To Book Unaccompanied Minor Flights?

MyIndiaFlight is a licensed and IATA-certified agency that offers amazing deals and discounts to customers on flight tickets. We have an array of options to offer cheap flights for kids with 100% safety and reliability. With our unaccompanied minor flights deals and discounts, you can be assured of money-saving and convenience of getting everything all together.  All you need to do is get in touch with our team of travel experts and share your requirements. We will make sure to schedule your unaccompanied minor flight tickets and that too without any extra charges. So, why wait? contact us at +1-585-648-5851 now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is meant by unaccompanied minor flights?

Unaccompanied minor is a service under airline policy for an airline passenger aged between 5 to 14 years of age who travels without a parent or guardian. They are further provided special care services so that they can travel alone without any hassle.

Q: What age can kids fly alone?

Young flyers between the age of 5 to 14 years of age without any parent or guardian are considered unaccompanied minors. They can fly alone but under the unaccompanied minor flights category.

Q: Can 14 year olds fly alone?

Yes, all unaccompanied minors who are 14 or under 14 years of age can fly alone and should report at the airport approximately four hours before the flight’s departure.

Q: How to book a flight for a minor?

To make a reservation for children flying alone, you must contact our team of experts to ensure that the booking for an unaccompanied minor is correctly documented.

Q: Can 16 year olds fly alone and what kind of assistance will be provided to the child?

A child with unaccompanied minor plane tickets will get priority check-in, priority boarding, and de-boarding along with special care during the flight duration from the cabin crew.

Q: How to buy a plane ticket for a minor?

To know how to book unaccompanied minor flight, the best is to get in touch with our travel experts. We will make sure to find direct flights for you with the most convenient airline.

Q: Which airlines are best for unaccompanied minors?

Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Air Europa, Blue Panorama, British Airways, Delta Airlines, and Easyjet are some of the airlines that are best for unaccompanied minors.

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