Air India Web Check-In Policy & Rules That You Must Know

Air India Web Check-In

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From India’s No. 1 airline to a star alliance member, Air India provides one of the best services in the Indian aviation industry. The Air India web check-in allows passengers to get their boarding passes printed in a matter of seconds while sitting at home or at self-check-in kiosks. Thus, the Air India check-in policy makes it a customer-friendly and hassle-free airline to fly with. Here, we focus on the updates about Air India web check policy and in-flight services. Passengers who frequently travel will know what Air India online check-in is; however, for the ones who are not very aware, we will help you with a better perception. 

Air India Check-In Requirements

If you have used Air India web check-in, then your boarding pass will be available for download or to print out from your email account. If you have selected the option to have it sent to your mobile phone, then your boarding pass can be accessed via the Air India mobile app. The other alternative for Air India check-in is that you can access it via a kiosk or self-check-in machine at the airport and scan the barcode on it with your phone to retrieve your boarding pass if the airport offers this facility. 

Different Air India Check-In Options

Air India Web Check-In

As the name suggests, the Air India flight web check-in policy allows passengers to check in their air tickets online. This happens before the actual boarding time and lets them save time by avoiding standing in long queues at the airport. Passengers are required to check in through the Air India website where they can print the boarding pass from the comfort of their home. 

You can also add your mobile number with web check-in otherwise you have to give it at the check-in counter which is compulsory. In case your mobile number is added, you will receive SMS alerts from Air India on the latest status of your travel itinerary. So in case, there are any changes in the schedule, then you would be notified accordingly before reaching the airport for Air India check-ins.

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Air India Kiosk Check-In

If Air India web check-in not working, then passengers must complete their check-in formalities by using kiosks or the Air India’s counter. The kiosks help passengers print boarding passes before proceeding to the security check area. The self-check-in kiosks facility is available for domestic flights only. However, kiosk services might be closed at the All Alliance Air due to COVID-19 health and safety measures. 

Air India Mobile Check-In

Air India web check-in mobile facility is an easy way out for seat selection, checking timetable information, and other details related to your flight. All you need to do is download the Air India mobile app and enter your flight details to check in for your flight. This way also gives peace of mind that one doesn’t have to stand in long queues just to select seat preference at the check-in counter. Just collect your boarding pass print from the check-in counter and you are good to go to your desired destination. 

Air India Web Check-In Time

The Air India web check-in policy suggests that every passenger must check in at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time. The time for web check-in Air India domestic flights is up to 1 hour before the departure. However, the Air India web check-in time for international travel is between 48 hours to 2 hours before the scheduled departure. Every passenger must ensure that they abide by the Air India flight web check-in policy and streamline the schedule as per the deadline. Failing of timely web check-in will need to complete the process at the airport desk, either online or at a ticketing desk. 

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Availability For Air India Online Check-In

Any passenger having a confirmed reservation of any class of Air India flight is available for Air India online check-in. However, the airline has specifically introduced a list that includes the type of passengers who cannot avail of the web check-in facility. 

  • If you are residing in a containment zone that has a severe number of Covid positive cases. 
  • If you are suffering from severe fever, cough, cold, or other respiratory issues. 
  • If you are under quarantine
  • If you do not have a valid electronic ticket or hard copy of your ticket booking
  • If you get diagnosed with Covid-19 positive at the airport. 
  • If you do not cooperate with the security and airport staff during the temperature checks, health screening 
  • If you do not share your correct documents or contact details with the airlines if required for the documentation process
  • If you do not adhere to safety measures and protocols as advised by the state or union government. 
  • If you try to take off the journey without meeting the airport requirements and eligibility criteria. This can also lead to penalty action. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to web check-in Air India?

Answer: Passengers are required to visit the Air India web check-in site and look for the “Manage Your Trip” option. Under this option, click on web check-in and choose the “Booking Reference” tab that will further ask for your e-ticket number or booking reference id and departure airport details. Press continue and your Air India flight web check-in will be done.

Q: Which destinations are currently served by Air India?

Answer: Air India flies to 58 destinations in India and 103 destinations all over the world with 1181 daily flights on average. These numbers also include codeshare, joint venture and alliance partners’ flights.

Q: How much refund charge would there be if I cancel my ticket after the Air India web check-in?

Answer: There is no refund charge if you cancel your ticket after completing the Air India web check-in. You need to call the Air India Customer Service Centre, 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight for cancellations and other queries. However, the booking amount could be non-refundable depending on the fare rules under which a particular fare has been booked.

Q: What if I forget my PNR no. or QR Code while the Air India web check-in?

Answer: In case you have forgotten your PNR number, then Air India online check-in cannot be done and you must proceed for manual check-in at the ticketing counter of Air India. On completing web check-in, a message containing the PNR number and a QR code is usually displayed on the screen. You can get the same printed for future reference.

Q: What are my rights if web check-in fails?

Answer: If Air India web check-in online fails, then passengers must complete their check-in formalities by visiting the airline’s counter or kiosks that issue computer-printed boarding passes. They shall also be entitled to enjoy all the rights provided in terms of Aircraft Rules 1937 which include refund or compensation for the delay.

Q: How long before the scheduled departure should I complete my Air India check-in process?

Answer: You must complete your Air India web check-in by 45 minutes on the day before travel. However, the Air India online check-in facility starts 48 hours before the scheduled departure.


We at MyIndiaFlight are a leading tour and travel agency that can help you with the required information on the Air India Web check-in policy. The details provided by us on the Air India web check-in time and boarding process are true to our knowledge. However, please confirm the same before booking. In case of further queries regarding the Air India check-in or for Australia to India flights and USA to India flights, feel free to reach out to us at +1 585-648-5851. 


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