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Black Friday History, Date, Celebrations & More

Posted on 27th Oct, 2023 by Heena Ganotra , Updated 7 months ago

Out of all the amazing events we enjoy, one fantastic celebration that is coming especially for shopaholics is Black Friday. Yes, Black Friday is approaching soon, and we can’t wait to indulge in the retail therapy this day offers. It’s a perfect day that initiates the holiday season in the most amazing ways by offering great Black Friday deals.

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What Is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an informal name that has been given to the day after Thanksgiving. It is usually one of the busiest shopping days of the entire year. That’s because it marks the beginning of the holiday season. People indulge themselves deeply for shopping purposes to celebrate the upcoming festive celebrations.

It is a crucial day for the economy as well, especially for the jewelers, retailers and all the businesses. This event began first in the United States, and then it spread across to different countries around the world. During this sale event, there are numerous opportunities for individuals to enjoy Black Friday Travel Deals, shopping deals and lots more. It is a special day when the sale hours are especially extended. Major discounts on various products and services are also available for consumers.

When Do We Celebrate Black Friday?

Black Friday is celebrated on the fourth Friday of November. This year, in 2023, Black Friday falls on 24th November.

In the United States, Black Friday has also been declared as a holiday for all government employees, making it even more special.

Why Is It Called Black Friday?

We all know Black Friday is when we get great Black Friday flight deals, travel deals or shopping deals. But do we know the exact reason why it is actually called Black Friday? Here’s your answer to this question.

At first, due to the name Black Friday, you might have thought that there is something negative associated with it. But the reason behind it is a little tricky. This term was used in Philadelphia to narrate the inconvenience it caused to the public due to the influx of shoppers. It is also the time when Black Friday sales help in increasing the business revenue. 

All accountants use black books to mark the profit and red entries to indicate the losses. On this day, most of the businesses experience a lot of positive earnings and result in a bulk of black entries. Hence, the day came to be known as Black Friday.

History Of Black Friday

Back in the 1950s, Thanksgiving, which falls on the fourth Thursday of November, was a national holiday. Many people in the United States started taking leave the next day, that’s Friday, to enjoy the long weekend.

Now, with Christmas just a month away, several people utilized their long weekend by indulging in shopping therapy or by planning different travel plans. Many individuals even started utilizing the Black Friday deals to enjoy the beginning of the festive season. Then after a few years, Black Friday was declared as a national holiday in the country. This made Black Friday a more special event for US Residents. From online-offline purchases to grabbing great travel deals, Black Friday initiated the best of everything for the retail industry.

How Does Black Friday Work?

You might have now understood why Black Friday is part of the Holiday season. Therefore it is an important day for the retailers, and it is also important that it turns out to be successful for them. Many retailers start their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving day only and run it through the end of the weekend. The entire weekend almost counts for 20% of the annual sales for the businesses. Thus, it is an important even which should turn out well for the businesses.

The Dark Side Of Black Friday We Didn’t Know

When Black Friday originated, it was free from all negative issues. However, over time, the event also brings violence, stampedes, and unfortunate incidents. The most obvious reason for all the mis-happenings in a rush is the influx of tourists and shoppers to indulge in retail therapy. Many people also criticize Black Friday because it promotes consumerism and capitalism. That’s because people often end up buying things which they don’t even need, but due to low prices, they purchase it anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: When is Black Friday 2023?

Ans: In 2023, Black Friday is on 24th November. The actual date of Black Friday shifts every year, however day of the week remains the same worldwide.

Q: Why is it called Black Friday?

Ans: During the 1950s, Philadelphia police used the term “Black Friday” to refer to the day between the Army navy game and Thanksgiving. There were huge crowds of tourists and shoppers going to the city that Friday. Due to this, all the cops had to work for long hours to maintain the crowds and traffic.

Q: How to get cheap flights on Black Friday?

Ans: If you want to enjoy cheap Black Friday travel deals, start your research early and book the most economical deal. You can also check out our festive deals page, where you can also get amazing Black Friday deals.

Q: Are flights cheaper if I purchase tickets on Black Friday?

Ans: Yes, that’s true because many airlines specially offer Black Friday flight deals to earn huge profits. The airlines bring special black Friday deals in order to increase their revenue during this long weekend occasion.

Utilize This Year’s Black Friday Sales For Traveling Around

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