How Early Should I Get To The Airport?

How Early Should I Get To The Airport

Posted on 29th Oct, 2023 by Renu Dahiya , Updated 6 months ago

If you are a keen traveller, a question might always pop up in your mind and that is: How early should I get to the airport to board a flight? It is highly advisable to reach the airport a few hours before the scheduled flight time. This is because you need to go through all the screening stages before getting the green signal to board the flight. The time by which one should reach the airport also depends on the airport size, and the time of day in which you are travelling. However, if you are worried, don’t be as we have all the requisite details right here for you.

How Early To Get To Domestic Airport?

Are you planning to board a domestic flight and are questioning yourself – how early should I get to the domestic airport? Arriving two hours before the departure time will be the most appropriate for you. That’s because it will make your travel a lot easier and you can move through the security process in less time. Travelling on domestic flights anyway removes most of the tedious processes.

How Early To Get To Airport for International Flights?

If you are an international traveler and want to know how early should you get to the international airport, then you should arrive at least 3-4 hours before the flight timings.

What Should I Do After I Reach The Airport? 

After arriving at the airport, you will have to undergo some processing stages and formalities to get a green signal for your destination. Ideally, early morning and late night flights are considered the best travel duration to avoid rush hours. In peak hours during the evening and afternoon, you will have to manage your schedule according to the traffic as well. The size of the airport is also a very crucial factor. Although the airport is very cooperative and helpful, it may take you some more time to navigate the places better.

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How Early Should I Get To The Airport During The Festival Season? 

You should prefer to reach the airport before you usually would if you have flights during the festive season. This is because the airport is usually overcrowded during this time. Therefore, arriving three hours before the departure of domestic flights and 4 hours before for international flights is the best solution for how early should I arrive at the airport.

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What are the factors that need to be considered while traveling to the Airport?

  • Luggage Limits: You should know the luggage limits of the airlines in which you are going to make your journey, as it will prevent the last-minute hassle of shifting and excluding the extra luggage you are having with you. 
  • Documents: By keeping all the IDs (passport, visa, valid driving license, and airline booking details) with you, you’ll have your flight journey beginning on a happy note. Details like the departure and arrival time of the flight should be clearly mentioned on your ticket as well.
  • TSA Pre-Check: TSA pre-check is a type of formality at the airport and is conducted by the airport authorities to make your screening process faster and super convenient. Under this check, you will not have to remove shoes, belts, 3-1-1 liquids, laptops, or light jackets. So make sure you perform the required tasks to apply and enroll for the same. Check if you can carry a deodorant on plane here.
  • Check-In Time: You should get to the airport check-in counter at least one hour before the flight time to drop off your luggage and fulfil all the necessary formalities. The check-in counter at the airport gets closed approx. 50 minutes before the departure time of the flight, so to avoid any such situation always prefer to be on time.

That’s all we had to share on how early to get to airport for a hassle-free journey.


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