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American Airlines offers many services to ensure that individuals with a disability have a smooth and comfortable journey. Here, we’ll discuss the American Airlines wheelchair assistance services – procedure, fees, rules, and more. So, skim through the piece now and plan your travel accordingly.  

 What are the policies of American Airlines Special Assistance?

American Airlines has made clear policies and procedures for wheelchair assistance so that a person can easily use the services.

  • The airline requires passengers to request wheelchair assistance at least 48 hours before their flight.
  • Upon arrival at the airport, passengers are directed to the designated wheelchair assistance area, where trained staff members are available to provide support.
  • Wheelchair users are given priority boarding to allow them ample time to settle into their seats.
  • AA has applied accessible features in their plane, including wheelchair-accessible restrooms to accommodate individuals with a disability.
  • By having well-defined policies and procedures in place, AA demonstrates its commitment to ensuring the accessibility and inclusivity of air travel for all passengers. 

Can We Take Our Wheelchairs On American Airlines?

Yes, you can take your wheelchair with you at American Airlines. If your wheelchair is not collapsible, you need to check your wheelchair on the counter before the flight, and a collapsible wheelchair will be provided for the flight. AA also provides special assistance to pets and children, and whoever needs it can contact them, they don’t charge for any special assistance.

Note – People who have battery-powered wheelchairs need to be checked in 1 hour before their flight.

How To Submit American Airlines Wheelchair Request After Getting Your Flight Booked?

As per the American Airlines wheelchair policy, if you wish to request for the service after booking your flight, you can usually do so by contacting the airline’s customer service or the special assistance department. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to request a wheelchair:

  • Find the contact information: Look for the assistance department number on the Airline’s official website.
  • Give them a call: Dial the number and let them know that you want a wheelchair.
  • Provide your flight details: They ask you for the details of the flight like time, destination, and flight number. Make sure to have them in your hand.
  • Specify your needs: Communicate properly and let them know what services you want.
  • Confirm the request: The representative will confirm your request and provide other information and may ask for some documentation or medical certificate if applicable. 

How Much Do You Have To Pay For The Wheelchair?

There is no airport wheelchair assistance cost if you plan to fly with American Airlines. You don’t have to pay any money for the wheelchair. If your wheelchair is collapsible or battery-powered, you can take it with you on the flight; the Airline doesn’t charge any fees. And, if your wheelchair is not collapsible, the Airline gives you a collapsible chair at no cost. 

Will I Get An American Airlines Disablity Discount?

American Airlines offers special assistance and accommodations for passengers with disabilities. While they don’t have any specific American Airlines disability discount, they do provide various services to ensure a comfortable and accessible travel experience.

For passengers needing mobility assistance, American Airlines offers wheelchair services and can assist with boarding and deboarding. They also have accessible lavatories on most aircraft. It’s always a good idea to notify the airline in advance about any specific needs or requests, so they can make the necessary arrangements.

Tip– If you are a student, you can grab the American Airlines student discount. For more details, check out our handy guide.

American Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Customer Support

  • American Airlines special assistance phone number is always ready to help customers. If you have any queries you can contact them at 800-433-7300.
  • You can also book your wheelchair from the same number. Other numbers you can use to reach out to the American Airlines handicap assistance team – 800-237-7976,800-735-2988
  • The staff of AA  plays a crucial role in providing wheelchair assistance in flight to passengers with disabilities. According to American Airlines official website, the airline emphasizes its commitment to providing “Dignity and respect to every customer”.
  • The Staff is well-trained and learned about the needs and requirements of passengers with disabilities.
  • They are trained to assist passengers in safely navigating through the airport, boarding & disembarking the airplane, and ensuring their comfort during the flight. 
  • The staff is also trained to properly handle and stow wheelchairs and mobility aids as per the guidelines set by the department of American Airlines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does American Airlines have wheelchair assistance?

A: Yes, American Airlines has the service of wheelchair assistance.

Q: How to request a wheelchair at airport?

A: We have to request wheelchair assistance at least 48 hours before the flight from the official site of American Airlines. Upon arrival at the airport, passengers are directed to the designated wheelchair assistance area.

Q: How to contact American Airlines for wheelchair assistance?

A: You can contact American Airlines at 800-433-7300 and get special wheelchair assistance.

Q: Does American Airlines charge for a wheelchair?

A: No, there is no American Airlines wheelchair assistance cost. But, you can give a tip to the person assisting you.

That is almost everything you need to know about American Airlines Wheelchair Assistance. So, the next time you wish to use this special service, consider this handy guide. If you have any further queries, do let us know in the comments below. Our team, at MyIndiaFlight, is always here to clear all your doubts at the earliest possible. 


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