How To Make Your First Class Flight Experience Memorable?


Posted on 17th Jan, 2024 by Sakshi Goyal , Updated 4 months ago

If you are someone who always prefers to book first class flights, then grab your pens and notebooks because this is something you need to take note of. With this handy guide, we’ll make your first class plane experience much more than “just a first class flight”. So, let’s get started – 

11 Tips To Enjoy Your First Class Flights

With these secret tips, know how to have an amazing time on your first class flight. Make your journey super comfy and enjoy every moment!

1: Drive To The Airport Like A First Class Passenger 

Surprisingly, you don’t have to wait until boarding to enjoy your first class flight. It begins the moment you book your 1st class tickets. Some airlines offer chauffeur service to and from the airport to give you that royal treatment. So, don’t forget to do good research about your airlines and the services they provide to first class passengers before you sit in your first class seat. 

Chauffeur Service

2: Limit Your Fun 

Sounds weird? Wait! Give it a read first. Booking first class flights means you get to enjoy restaurant-style food, luxury wines, and breathtaking views but, don’t overdo your excitement. Eat as per your appetite, limit your wine intake, and sleep well. Don’t forget that your travel was not just about boarding a first class plane but it is also about reaching your destination well and fresh. 

3: Eat What You Know 

Even though you’ll be given an unlimited number of options as to what meal would you like to have, choose something that you know about. If there’s a dish whose ingredients you don’t recognize at all or something you’ve never heard of, it’s better to save it for the land to avoid any unpredicted problems like allergies. Stay healthy during your journey! 

Good Food on Plane

4: Have conversations 

First class flights are known to have an atmosphere full of silence and privacy but if the ambiance allows, try to have a fun-filled light chat with your co-passengers. Form connections with fellow passengers, some of them might be high-profile people, and having a conversation with them will bring good results in the future. Talk and the time will fly!

However, don’t force conversations at all, and respect the privacy of others. Even if you are not in the mood to network, be polite enough to make an appealing introduction to the person next to you.

conversation with fellow passengers

5: Dress Comfortably

Unless your profession or your destination demands you to dress in a particular manner, try to dress as comfortably as possible. The more comfortably you dress, the more comfortable and fresh you’ll land. Avoid wearing tight, skin-fit clothes if it’s a long journey. Some airlines even offer pajamas and slippers to first class passengers – make their best use.

6: Destress 

Always enter the flight in a good mood. Destress yourself before you board your flight. Here are some suggestions to lift your mood – 

  • Go for a spa or massage 
  • Read a book 
  • Have a nice, light breakfast 
  • Hit the gym 

In all, be happy before you embark on your journey. 

reading Books on plane

7: Explore 

Don’t just stick to your comfortable seat for the whole time. Stand up and explore the lovely area you have been seated in. Explore the lounge, spa services, and other amenities to make the most out of your flight. Don’t forget to click pictures! 

8: Pillow Is A Must! 

You might be thinking “I’m traveling on a first class flight why do I need to carry a pillow?”. But honestly, you do need it! Even though lavish accessories are waiting for you, nothing can match the comfort of using your pillow in the air. So, if you don’t want your neck to suffer, keep this tip in your mind when you travel next! 

Eye mask and Pillow on plane

9: Pack An Eye Mask 

In general, first class plane seats have their necessity kit containing all necessary items like toothpaste, lip balm, etc. assigned to them. However, it’s always safe to carry your eye mask and sleep well amid the clouds! 

10: Adjust Your Watch 

Don’t forget to adjust your watch according to the local time zone of your destination and manage your in-flight routine accordingly. This would not only help you to take timely naps if it’s a long journey but, also help you manage your meals effectively. 

11. Creativity Is The Key! 

Now, since you have a lot of free time, consider doing your favorite thing or hobby. You can read some good books, do journaling & sketching if that makes you happy, and watch your all-time much-loved series if that’s what helps you relax. The idea is not to spend the whole time just sleeping, eating, or drinking but also do something productive which you usually cannot do when on land. Make sure you make the most of your first class journey!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What are some good airlines that provide the best first class flights? 

A: Here are some airlines worth considering for first class flights- Qantas Airlines for first class, Virgin Australia, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, IndiGo, Air India, etc. Always well research your airline before you book your tickets.

Q: Is business class cheaper than first class? 

A: Comparatively, business class is cheaper than first class.

Q: What is the price difference between first class flights and business class?

A:  First class can cost twice as much as business class. 

Q: Why are first class flights so expensive? 

A: First class flights are expensive because of the amenities they offer. These amenities include spacious and comfortable seating, luxurious restaurant-style food, spa services, unlimited wines, and high-quality entertainment systems.

Q: Is there any way to book cheap first class flights? 

A: If you book your tickets with MyIndiaFlight, you will get a first class seat reserved for you at a much-discounted price. Cheap first class flights are awaiting you.

That’s all from our side! Traveling on first class flights is no less than a luxury and making use of this time is completely in your hands. By embracing these tips, we are sure you’ll have an experience that’s much more than just being a first class flight passenger.


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Wishing you smooth-skies and a delightful flight!


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