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The US and India are on good terms with respect to trade, cultural exchange, and political affairs. The alliance of these two promising countries allows them to maintain and expand their global strength. Apart from several political treaties and mutual friendships, there are many student exchange programs that help learners gain a wider perspective on their careers. Likewise, the easy immigration process and job opportunities contribute a lot to the economies of both the US and India. As many travelers wish to plan their itinerary for the US-India trip, they look for direct flights to India from USA. But where do they fly from USA and to what destination in India? Let’s explore here.

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Direct Flights from India to USA in 2023

To tap this potential market of US-India direct flights, premier airlines such as Air India and United Airlines grab a large share. The non-stop flights between USA and India reduce travel time by 10 hours as compared to the connecting flights and cover thousands of miles within 14 to 17 hours. Another advantage of boarding a direct flight to India from USA is less jet lag and convenient baggage handling. Although nonstop flights cost a little more than connecting flights, you can book it at competitive prices with us at MyIndiaFlight, simply by giving a call. All the queries regarding international flights to India are addressed by our travel experts. 

Updated List Of Non-Stop Flights Between USA & India in 2023

Air India United Airlines
San Francisco to Delhi (SFO-DEL) Flights Newark to Delhi (EWR-DEL) Flights
Chicago to Delhi (ORD-DEL) Flights Chicago to Delhi (ORD-DEL) Flights
Washington to Delhi (IAD-DEL) Flights
New York to Delhi (JFK-DEL) Flights American Airlines
Newark to Mumbai (EWR-BOM) Flights New York to Delhi (JFK-DEL) Flights
San Francisco to Mumbai (SFO-BOM) Flights
New York to Mumbai (JFK-BOM) Flights
San Francisco to Bengaluru (SFO-BLR) Flights

USA-India Non-Stop Flights by Air India

The first airline which still dominates the market of US-India non-stop flights is Air India. By analyzing the increasing demand for international flights to India and back, especially from the US, Air India is undoubtedly a key player in this domain.

USA-India Non-Stop Flights by United Airlines

United Airlines is gradually expanding its presence in India by introducing new non-stop flights for the travelers of India and the US. The recent addition of daily direct flights by United Airlines is between Chicago O’Hare and New Delhi. Earlier it was only Air India that operated on this route and so United Airlines got into head-to-head competition with Air India over nonstop SFO to DEL flights.

USA-India Non-Stop Flights by American Airlines

American Airlines terminated its non-stop flight operations from Chicago to Delhi in 2012. After 12 years, American Airlines launched its first non-stop flights on 12 November 2021 from New York to Delhi. On this route, it uses a 304-seater Boeing 777 which has 8 first-class, 52 business-class lay-flat seats, 28 premium recliner seats, and 216 cabin seats. 

USA-India Non-Stop Flights by Delta

Delta Airlines has started direct flights from New York to Mumbai (JFK-BOM) to improve connectivity between the financial capitals of both nations. This airline offers convenient connections to communities throughout the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Delta first offered service between the U.S. and Mumbai in 2006, but in 2009 it was suspended.

Key Highlights of Non-Stop Flights Between USA & India

  • Air India was the first airline to operate direct flights from to/from USA and India.
  • Air India has more options of US-India direct flights as compared other airlines. 
  • San Francisco to Delhi Non-Stop Flights (SFO-DEL) by Air India reduced flight time by 6 hours, making it a 15 hr 55 min long flight
  • New York to Delhi Non-Stop Flights (JFK-DEL) by Air India is one of the most popular non-stop routes between India and the USA.
  • As Chicago houses the second-largest Indian-American community, Chicago to Hyderabad Non-Stop Flights (ORD-HYD) is a hit among travelers of both countries.
  • Newark to Delhi Non-Stop Flights (EWR- DEL) by Air India and United Airlines is direct competition. Additionally, Air India is the preferred airline as it takes 20 mins less than United Airlines.
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Direct flights between US-India are now easily available due to the various options. To skip the cumbersome process of booking non-stop direct flights or any flights from USA to India Flights, you can contact us. MyIndiaFlight is a leading travel agency that ensures its customers get the best deal. As we have collaborations with various airlines, you can grab the cheapest flights with us by giving us a call or joining the live chat.


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